Group Coaching begins Soon!!

Many coaches are excited about coaching and starting their own business, however they can sometimes get caught up in the “how do I do that” phase and then get stuck in analysis paralysis. Meanwhile, there are people out there who desperately need your coaching.  

In six weeks you will have everything you will need to operate and flourish in your very own profitable coaching business!  

Because you want to get busy changing lives – not be busy with busy work.  

In 6 powerful weeks, I will show you how to:

Week 1:  Go Coach! From your first month to lift off

Week 2:  What about the money, honey – Post launch madness

Week 3:  Balance, Networking & Coaching..Oh My!

Week 4: Overwhelm and how to avoid it

Week 5:  CPB:  Credentials, Proposals and Branding

Week 6:  Integrating Coaching and Life:  Gear up for Year 2 and handle it like a Bos

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