When I first came to Bridgette, I was stuck in an extremely difficult period of my life. I knew that I had so much potential and so much to offer – yet didn’t have the confidence or courage to make my dreams a reality. I knew I needed help, motivation and guidance, and also knew I couldn’t do it alone. Being recommended by a friend, I decided to invest in what Bridgette had to offer. With no where else to turn, I asked for her help and opened my mind and absorbed everything she recommended. What did I have to lose? She taught me how to accomplish the difficult task of changing my general mindset.

A little over three months later, I now have a new career doing exactly what I knew I was meant to do and have a completely different perspective on life altogether. She is great at getting to the ‘nitty-gritty’ and helping people face their fears and understanding WHY those fears exist so one can overcome them boldly, yet gracefully. She gives you with the right tools to build your confidence and to adapt that “I can do anything I put my mind to” attitude. Every session with Bridgette is so pleasant, calm and full of optimism – and extremely EYE-OPENING. She could very well be the most positive & influential person I’ve had the pleasure of allowing into my life.

I thank her for what she has done for me and how she has helped me achieve my goals and change my perspective about life for the better.

She is truly a blessing!!

Thank you SO MUCH Bridgette!

M.R., Tampa, FL


Bridgette is an excellent Life Coach! She uses her strong intuition and insights to help me understand things about myself during our coaching sessions that I might not have noticed. Then we have the chance to really examine them. Because of Bridgette, I am able do something with those insights like change a behavior or set a goal to achieve. She has a joyful, positive attitude and an enthusiastic zest for helping others to be successful!

Heather Olivea (Senior HR Manager, Amazon.com)


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